What We Do

We gather four times a year to make a donation of $100 each to the same local nonprofit, raising thousands in one hour! Members suggest nonprofits and we vet each organization. We focus on nonprofits that do not receive large amounts of funding already, so most are smaller but showing impactful results. Each quarter we put out five choices to the 100 Women membership and they select (by a majority vote) which one they want to grant to.

Once you donate, you become a member and can help choose our next nonprofit grantee.

Join us August 17th at 5:30pm at Rio Bravo Brewing for our next fundraiser!

100 Women

Our Impact

We held our first fundraiser on October 6, 2021. With each new member, our monthly grant amount grows and our community impact increases.

We have supported the following 501(c)3 nonprofit agencies providing services in Bernalillo County:


3rd Quarter – (Join us Aug 17th for our next event)

2nd Quarter – $6,000 for Umoja ABQ

1st Quarter  – $4,055 for Indigenous Women Rising


4st Quarter  – $4,775 for Women in Leadership

why you should join us

  • Join us for one hour each quarter and turn your $100 donation into $10,000.
  • Learn about the impactful work of many nonprofit organizations within our community.
  • Network with a diverse group of women.
  • Promote your business, talent, or service during our member spotlight segment.
  • Come socialize, have fun and connect with community.